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we are the bolt in the ISP arena! Our internet speed is trusted for all your home and office uses. Download,Stream,or UpLoad any file size effortlessly!


For The Gambia Our Homeland. Put your connectivity Needs in the right hands. we are your right hands! Call or Text and we respond swiftly.Or better still walk into our cozy office to be given your deserved treatment.To The Gambia Ever True!


Because we are part of the average-Gambia circle, we tailor our prices to suit your abilities. Affordable internet services for everyone. Our target is to connect every home, business and office in the country!


In today’s digital world, subscribers look for more than competitive prices and attractive services. They also expect their service providers to be aware and responsive to their needs.(this is what defines us).


To become the panacca for all telecommunication needs across africa. Our Vision is to become a household name in the telecommunications space across Africa. This we seek to achieve by customer-focused services to every corner of the country and beyond.


To bring value for society, customer, and all stakeholders through innovative, cost-friendly, and efficient provision of reliable telecommunication networks. our mission as an ISP company includes providing society with qualiy telecommunication network to take on the dynamic needs of social and national development. at DK Telecom Ltd. We look beyond the horizon as we seek to encourage innovative approaches to solving challenges with the help of tectnology.

our customer care team

Our support team is famous for being fast, friendly and helpful. Every year, our customers confirm this fact with close to 100% satisfaction rates.
  • 01 available 24/7
    Round-the-clock help center, Always eager to help, Quick pickup & resolution, Top-Rated Customer satisfaction.
  • 02 wish
    Connectivity is at the heart of DK Telecom's mission of giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together
  • 03 high-quality internet connectivity
    High-quality internet connectivity not only gives people a voice, but also creates opportunities to share knowledge that can strengthen both local communities and global economies.... Overcoming the global internet connectivity challenges of accessibility, affordability, and relevance requires a multi-faceted approach.


Real-time solutions, endless opportunities.


It is important to be seen on the internet. You can have a great business but If people do not see nor find you, what does it profit you? We help you to be found on the internet


We have so much confidence in our platform that we offer a 99.9% network and infrastructure uptime guarantee on all our shared hosting plans.


We understand each organisation is unique and work collaboratively with you to provide the most cost-effective solution that fits with your exact requirements


Detect and protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities with cross-generational protection techniques


Our focus is helping organizations meet their digital objectives for web, mobile, cloud, desktop, or enterprise-wide efforts in an agile process to meet users demands.


Protects your business from data loss. Our advanced website and server backup solutions ensure reliable and consistent backups whenever you need them, giving you total peace of mind

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Our team of staff cpmprises of technical grounded young men and women from diverse disciplines.From out internet engineers, customers,customer-agents sales and marketing personel, to admin and management all embody the quality we seek to provide to deliver to our customer. Our service provision are tailor-made to the need of customers as we place them at the centre of our services. At DK Telecom, the perfect blend for skills and commitment meet hard and empathy.


Our Competing Prices. D7500 This includes a router(D5000) and first 1 month subscription(D2500). NOTE: All other devices used during the installation belongs to DK TELECOM except the router which is owned by the customer..


GMD 2,500 / month
  • speed 5mbps
  • installation Free
  • router 1
  • vpn 0
  • ptp 0
  • customer support 24/7
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GMD 5,000 / month
  • speed 10mbps
  • installation Free
  • router 1
  • vpn 1
  • ptp 1
  • customer support 24/7
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GMD --- / month
  • speed ---
  • installation Free
  • router 1
  • vpn 1
  • ptp 1
  • customer support 24/7
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what people are saying..

We know customer service is something that everyone promises, but not everyone delivers! DK Telecom is built around industry-leading support and putting the customer first. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out our testimonials and find out what our customers have to say about us!

    DK Telecom is a company I fall in love with for its dedication to serving the customer needs. I was accorded exceptional services by the CEO and the Commercial Manager to meet my internet needs. DK Telecom is the champion of internet provision in The Gambia.

    Pastor Forbes - The Forbes Academy

  • MR RAAFAT-Absolute Entertainment

    After trying most of the internet services providers in the country Finally i got what I am looking for with DK Telecom , for all streaming types , large files download and upload , online video calls …. 

    DK Telecom thank you for raising the quality bar of the internet service in The Gambia . 


    Absolute GM


    I have been using DK Telecom for more than 1 year and I am really happy with the service, customer care and the focus on bringing internet solutions for Gambians.

    We have just had a new system installed in our law office. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The service has been unbelievable. Everyone has been so helpful.

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